At ABOUT is our motto “We can educate ourselves (sometimes with personal guidance)”.  The main initial aim of a Learningguild guide is to learn something of the particular student’s abilities, interests and needs (AIN), and to recommend whatever materials and kinds of work would suit that student best at that stage in his or her development.

Arrangements will be made concerning the frequency of meetings with the guide and/or transmission of written work for annotation.  Often these are weekly.

A fee will be arranged in relation to what, if anything, a student is in a position to pay.  Someone in full-time and paid employment is likely to be asked to pay not more than $100 a month for all the guidance in various forms that he or she receives.  Some persons may pay a fee less than that, or nothing at all, and might be asked, where this is practicable, to help Learningguild, for example in clerical work or in the vegetable garden we are developing.

If, wherever you are living, you would like to make contact with a Learningguild guide, phone or write to Dr John Howes.  The number and addresses for him are given at the end of ABOUT.