IF you’d be glad

  •   to come to open and friendly discussion,


  •   to get onto a book, booklets and CDs that would really enable you to develop your English,


  •   to help in our vegetable garden and share in its produce,

THEN Learningguild is just right for you.  It’s an international educational and social movement that especially welcomes men and women who have come from other countries.

Go to and read ABOUT and the Introduction to SETS OF DOCUMENTS.

Ask any questions of the President, Dr John Howes.  Phone him at (61 3) 9380 5892, or email him at

Our SUNDAY MEETINGS in Second Term 2022 are listed below.  Unless otherwise stated, we meet at 23 Fallon St, Brunswick (opposite Brunswick Secondary College: Melway 29 F8) at 2.30 for 3.  There’s afternoon tea at 4.30.

May 1: we watch and hear Daniel Barenboim both play the piano and conduct in Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 4.

May 15: we discuss the election campaigns and the media’s treatment of them.

June 5: Max Stephens introduces some pages from a novel by Vera Panova, a 20th-century writer from Soviet Russia.  The title is Seryozha: A Summer to Remember.

June 19: John Drennan and John Howes discuss the question “Can one be sure of getting things done, and done well?”.  JD considers his own experience as a learner and what advice might be drawn from it for teachers as well as for students.  JH draws upon Sir John Adams’s book The Student’s Guide (1938).

There are also, at the same place,

an English class (free unless you’d like to pay something) at 7.30 pm on a Tuesday, and

a free lunch at 1pm each Thursday.  Come, and make new friends.