Here is the text of our flyer for Third Term 2022.


invites you to

  • grow and receive lettuce and other vegetables in our garden at 23 Fallon St, Brunswick (Melway 29 F8)
  • purchase cheaply or borrow books and other materials, and get advice, so as to remedy any educational disadvantages you or family members may have had or now have
  • make new friends from various countries
  • come to talks and discussions on many subjects.

Learningguild is an international educational and social movement.  Membership is open to anyone who wants to go on learning and help others learn.  Our mottoes could be said to be “Thoughtfully cooperate” (TC) and “Remedy educational disadvantages” (RED).

Many people, especially (but not only) immigrants, are held back in employment and/or social life by not speaking or writing English as well as they would wish.  They have not had opportunities such as Learningguild provides to develop their English systematically.  For our range of materials at different levels, see INTRODUCTION at SETS OF DOCUMENTS on our extensive website

The founder and President of Learningguild is Dr John Howes.  He is a Victorian Rhodes Scholar.  International testimonies to his work in testing and fostering abilities in reasoning and English expression are at Set B of our Documents.  His Assistant is Duyen Truong.

The Vice-President is Dr Max Stephens, a senior research fellow in the teaching of mathematics.  The Treasurer is Milan Rados.

The annual subscription for Australian members is $15.  It may be sent to Milan c/o John at 23 Fallon St, Brunswick 3056, or to Learningguild’s account 633 108 1622 69245.

There is open house at Fallon St, with food available free, from 7 to 9 on Friday evening and all day Sunday (9 to 9), within school terms.  Phone John (9380 5892) or Max (0403 258 211) with any questions.

Here are details of our Sunday Meetings (3-4.30) in Third Term 2022. Unless otherwise stated, we meet at 23 Fallon St, Brunswick  (Melway 29 F8).

July 17: Dorothy Howes presents and discusses Julia Banks’s book Power Play, written in 2021 after she’d resigned in disgust from the Liberal Party.

August 7: former Labor MP and UN staffer Dr John Langmore talks about Sir Michael Somare (1936-2021), first Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea.

August 21: we watch the first instalment, set in 1918, of the BBC’s To Serve Them All My Days. A headmaster encourages a young man wounded in the War to teach at his school.

September 4: short contributions from members.

September 18: Duyen Truong draws on her experience as a nurse and haematologist.