LEARNINGGUILD is an international educational and social movement open to everyone who wants to go on learning and help others learn.  Based in Melbourne, it also has members elsewhere in Victoria, interstate and overseas.  The annual subscription for members within Australia is $15 (for couples $22.50).  Overseas members pay no subscription, but simply undertake to write to Dr John Howes, the President, or another Australian member, at least once a year.

Learningguild has and recommends the motto “We can educate ourselves (sometimes with personal guidance)”. Our extensive publications are offered with that in mind.  There are links to most of them in the Introduction to the Sets of Documents. There is also a booklet-and-CD called Sounds, Words, Sentences for those who want to speak English with greater clarity and precision, and another called Say It Well for young children.

The page for MEETINGS has the programme for the Sunday Meetings attended by some of our Melbourne members.  There may be a talk followed by discussion, or shorter contributions, or music.  Occasionally we have a picnic.  John would gladly receive proposals for similar groups elsewhere.  Learningguild in Melbourne especially welcomes and seeks to assist refugees and immigrants, through our extensive vegetable garden and our library.  We invite contributions to a new page NVRQ (News, Views, Recommendations and Questions).  We publish a magazine, now annual, called Learningguild Letter, of which many past issues are here and/or in print.

John is a Victorian Rhodes Scholar.  He was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Melbourne and Professor and Head of Department at Cape Town.  He welcomes enquiries: telephone 61 03  9380 5892, or send an email to learningguild@gmail.com, or address a posted letter to Learningguild, 23 Fallon St, Brunswick, Victoria 3056, Australia.

The Vice-President is Dr Max Stephens, whose field is the teaching and learning of mathematics.  He is a senior research fellow in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria 3010).  He may be telephoned at 0403 258 211.