Dr. John Howes’s writings and CDs to assist students of English are published by Learningguild. They have been given this evaluation by Dr Edwin Delattre, the former Dean of the School of Education at Boston University, Massachusetts, USA:

The best for learning English grammar, good writing, and pronunciation I have ever encountered.

Dr Howes published in July 2013 the one-page summary Seven features of a good talk or paperMuch of the advice there is just as relevant to the writing of an essay at senior secondary or tertiary level, or a thesis chapter.

There is the book Making up Sentences (the second edition was published by Learngingguild in 2000), with which you can have a set of six CDs containing the core of the text. This is a suitable reference book for intermediate learners of English as a second language. Advanced learners and native speakers will find that, using simple examples and passages from literature, it takes them from the parts of speech (nouns, articles, pronouns, verbs, and so on) to an appreciation of a wide range of grammar and good writing. It includes many exercises. A third edition is in preparation, and a copy of any of the six chapters, which have been slightly revised, is available on request.

The booklet SSC (Sentences to Study and Change) sets out a proven method of building up oneʹs English at the elementary and intermediate stages. Learningguild Notes on English I is a booklet that covers some of the matters, e.g. the use of a or an and the, which many learners find hard to understand and keep in mind. The booklet-and-CD Sounds, Words, Sentences is a systematic guide to pronunciation. Another booklet, Reasoning, gives a brief introduction to assessment of arguments and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

Prices in Australian dollars, including GST, are $3 for each of SSCLNE 1 and Reasoning, $22 for SWS and $4 for a chapter of MS. (See below for members’ discounts.) Overseas purchasers do not pay the GST, and so should deduct one-eleventh from these prices. An additional sum will be suggested to cover postage.

We publish a twice-yearly Learningguild Letter, sometimes with a supplement. Click here for the latest Letter and here for a collection of earlier ones. Three large supplements have been Teaching and Learning in the Victorian Education Department 1940-50, by Professor Jack Gregory; Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and the revival of Hebrew as a modern spoken language, by Dr Evan Burge; and Teacher and Friend: reflections on Werner Pelz by Dr Roger Averill. These may be purchased as separate items for $5.50, including GST. There have also been supplements by John Howes giving summaries and analyses of works by J.S.Mill, T.H.Green, Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber and Sir Isaiah Berlin. Two papers by John Howes have also been published as supplements: Martin Buber and Davis McCaughey: celebration and criticism and Analytical philosophy: views and examplesWritings by John on Mill forLearningguild Letter are brought together in two booklets, Mill’s Liberty: Summaries and Analyses ($3.00) and Mill’s Liberty: Discussions ($5.50). He revised two talks of his under the general title Educating our Children and Ourselves, and these are the supplement accompanying Learningguild Letter 2.2009.

All these prices are discounted by 20% for Learningguild members, whose subscription entitles them to the year’s issues of Learningguild Letter.