Membership of Learningguild is open to everyone who wants to go on learning and help others learn. For people living in Australia, the annual subscription, including GST, is $11. Joint subscriptions may be arranged for people living at the same address, with an additional $5.50 for the second and for any further person. We keep the subscription low so that no one is excluded by financial hardship, and are grateful for donations from those able to make them. We are very glad to welcome as members, without need of subscription, persons outside Australia who provide hospitality to other members or undertake to write to Dr John Howes, the President (, at least once a year with news, views, or questions.

If you are an Australian resident, click here for a subscription form, which you can print and send to Mrs Margaret Howes, Secretary, Learningguild, 23 Fallon Street, Brunswick, Victoria 3056.