Our Sunday Meetings are normally on the first and third Sundays of a month within the school terms.  People are asked to arrive between 2.30 and 2.55 to meet and chat, to assist in preparation, and with a view to a prompt start at 3.  Often we have a talk followed by discussion.  There is afternoon tea at about 4.30, and opportunity to make a coin donation to assist students here or overseas, often by the giving or lending of books.  Here is the program for First Term 2018, in which Meetings other than that on Feb. 18 are at 23 Fallon St, Brunswick (Melway 29 F8), close to Jewell station, tram routes 19 and 58, and bus routes 504, 506, and 508.

Feb.4: Julian Fang, one of the students from many countries who were awarded scholarships last year by the Colombian Government to study Spanish there, tells of his stay from August to November.

Feb. 18: poems and a picnic!  Recite or read to us a poem you admire, or an extract from one.  Come to the beautiful Native Garden near the corner of Royal Parade and Gatehouse St (Melway 2B B3&4).

March 4:* Louise Joy, a retired social worker now living in Heathcote, tells us of her parents, who were missionary doctors at Vellore, near Chennai, India.

March 18:* the annual meeting of members, followed by discussion of Learningguild Letter 1&2.2017.

Because of factors including tiredness and over-commitment, the Sunday Meetings scheduled for March will not be held.

Members in Australia normally pay an annual subscription of $15 (for a couple, $22.50).  Many add donations.  We in Australia welcome members from other countries without any subscription.  They join our hospitality network and undertake to write to us at least once a year.

The program of Sunday Meetings for First Term 2018 is also set out in our current flyer, whose text is here.