In Second Term 2018, Sunday Meetings are scheduled for April 15, May 6 and 20, and June 3 and 17, at 23 Fallon St, Brunswick (Melway 29 F8). Come any time from 2.30: the meeting begins at 3, and we start afternoon tea at about 4.30.  Jewell station is nearby, and so are the tram routes 19 and 58.

This term our meetings have a common theme: “Character and Identity”.  We shall be asking such questions as what we are to mean, and what we may think of, when we use such expressions as ‘of good character’ and ‘character-building’; in what ways character is best developed; and what concerns may underlie and justify asking “What am I?” and “What would I call myself?”.

Some of our discussion will be related to David Brooks’s book The Road to Character (Random House 2015).  Most chapters are biographical, portraying, e.g, the novelist George Eliot.

The program of Sunday Meetings for Second Term 2018 is also set out in our current flyer, whose text is here.