Here is the text of the flyer for First Term 2020:

 Learningguild is an international educational and social movement based in Melbourne.  There is

open and friendly discussion,
a wide range of publications,
and help in learning English.

Our Sunday Meetings in First Term 2020 are at the home of the President, Dr John Howes, and his wife Margaret, 23 Fallon St, Brunswick (Melway 29 F8).  It is close to Jewell station and the tram routes 19 and 58.  Arrive any time after 2.30: the meeting runs from 3 to 4.30, and then there’s afternoon tea.

February 2: Ray Wyatt gives some impressions of China gained from two recent visits.

February 16: discussion introduced by John Howes on the question “In what form or forms should there be education about religion?”.

March 8: members bring items of prose or poetry to read to us with a view to discussion.

April 5: Jim Richardson talks about the life of Dr Takashi Nagai, a Japanese radiologist and Christian convert, who brought healing to survivors of the Nagasaki atom bomb.

Dr Howes is glad to assist people who want to speak English more clearly and fluently and/or to write it better.  He may be telephoned at 9380 5892.

There are abundant resources in print and on our website  For example, there are at ‘Certificate’ five recent exam papers for the Learningguild Certificate in Reasoning and Expression, and detailed constructive reports on those exams.

Dr Howes’s booklet Questions and Principles for Sentence-construction is just right for senior secondary and tertiary students.  Another booklet, Reasoning, conserves the emphasis on “Clear Thinking” (rather than persuasiveness!) that used to be so valuable a compulsory part of Victorian senior secondary education.  These booklets may be obtained for $3 each.

Members are invited to borrow from the Learningguild Library, which is in a room at 23 Fallon St.

Contributions are invited to our magazine Learningguild Letter, of which many past issues are at ‘Publications’ on the website.

Members within Australia are invited to pay an annual subscription of $15, and they often add a donation.  They have a discount of 25% on our publications.

We welcome members outside Australia, from whom we ask only correspondence.  We especially value the sustaining of membership wherever the member may now or in future reside.