Learningguild is an international educational and social movement based in Melbourne, Australia.

Membership is open to everyone who wants to go on learning and help others learn.

There is a wide range of activities: Saturday Meetings (usually lunch, a talk and discussion), individual tuition, a repeatable examination, writing and publishing.

Learningguild assists an Indian school and has contacts with teachers in two Chinese universities. A branch has recently been formed at the University of Bristol, England. The Learningguild examination has been taken by students in the Philosophy Department at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

You can easily find out more from this website and by emailing or posting to the President, Dr John Howes, or his wife Margaret. You can find out more about Dr John Howes here.

Here are seven main features of Learningguild:

  • Open discussion
  • Hospitality
  • Mutual help
  • Sustained membership
  • Affordable tuition, especially in writing and speaking English, constructing essays, and reasoning cogently and critically, with books, booklets and CDs suitable to the particular student (many of these are published by Learningguild) and emphasis on guided self-education
  • A twice-yearly and repeatable examination, open to both members and non-members, for the Learningguild Certificate in Reasoning and Expression
  • Encouragement of members’ study and writing, through Learningguild Letter and its supplements, and through the Learningguild Library.